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World IKU Kyokushin Karate Headquarters – Avon Connecticut

Stamina, Endurance, Strength & Self-Confidence

IKU offers serious physical education, and includes practice of the mind, body and spirit combining the discipline of the Eastern culture and the hard work of the American spirit.


Kaicho David Farzinzad

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Kaicho David Farzinzad brings the true spirit of Kyokushin Karate to the Farmington Valley, Connecticut, the United States and the entire world. IKU Kyokushin will help you achieve your goals of strength, endurance, flexibility and health.

Kaicho Farzinzad is the first and last person to be awarded the 5th degree from Sosai Oyama under age 30, making him the youngest 5th Dan in Kyokushin history. We invite you to discover yourself in the Kyokushin Way.

Kyokushin Karate in Avon

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IKU Honbu (Headquarters)

Whether you are a new student or an experienced martial artist, contact us today to begin living the IKU Kyokushin Way. Kaicho Farzinzad teaches with honor and passion. We encourage you to visit our IKU Honbu in Avon CT. Locally serving the towns of Avon, Farmington, Simsbury, Collinsville, New Hartford and West Hartford, you are welcome to take a class and see what makes the IKU Program so unique. The IKU Honbu in Avon also serves as the host to Kyokushin practitioners both nationwide and worldwide.


The Kyokushin Way is centered in posture…

“Kyokushin” means Ultimate Truth and Kyokushin Karate is the pursuit of ultimate truth.



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In the IKU Program, introspection begets wisdom…

Revered Masutatsu Oyama, also known as Mas Oyama (Sosai), was an unparalleled karate master who founded Kyokushin, arguably the first and most influential style of full contact fighting. Sosai had a remarkable and relevant philosophy not only on the martial arts, but also on how to conduct yourself in your every day life adopting core values such as:

  • Integrity

  • Intelligence

  • Intensity

  • Focus

  • Respect

IKU Honbu Member Testimonials

Testimonials from Students of Kaicho David Farzinzad

"Kaicho is one of the most caring men I have ever met. He has never let go of his dreams of caring for and helping others. He’s always talking about our place in the world and giving back for all the things we enjoy from others every day. Each time I stop by to see him outside of class he has never failed to offer me a smile and a cup of tea. He is a good teacher and friend, and his strength and courtesy keeps me coming to Karate every week. Kindness and goodness are rare, and Kaicho is the real thing."

Robert Sand

"I was encouraged to attend a class of Kyokushinkai Karate by a friend who had begun his relationship 6 months prior. I was merely looking for a workout to get myself into a little better shape. Imagine my surprise when just six months later I had loss 5 ½ inches and gained new friendships and encouragement. Under the leadership of Kaicho Farzinzad, IKU is not just about karate, he helps to build a wonderful foundation of endurance, stamina and a “yes I can!” attitude. I was pleasantly surprised to also find a spiritual awareness as well. For those that may be looking for a challenge or change in your life, I encourage you to give IKU a try. You won’t regret it."

M.A.Kutyla, Age 62

"I have been a student of Kaicho Farzinzad for almost 9 years. During this time, I have developed a stronger foundation of physical and mental strength than I could have hoped for at age 61. His mantra of “no pain, no fear, no tired”, helps push me through things that were unimaginable 9 years ago. Kaicho has an unwavering dedication to the original principles taught by Kyokushin’s founder Mas Oyama."

David Spitz, DC

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